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Jewelry Care

14k gold/rose gold

Pure 14k gold/rose gold is easy to be taken care of. They do not turn color or oxides, simply wipe with cloth to make them clean. 

Sterling silver

Sterling silver pieces will keep its own shiny bright form when wearing regularly. If they are not worn for a long time, they will get tarnished. They can be renewed with polishing. 

Gold/rose gold plated brass

Gold/rose gold plating has two layers or more on raw brass. The gold plating helps prevent the pieces from oxidation. But it will eventually wear off as it comes into contact with the wearer's skin salts or pollutants in the air. For those people who are allergic to brass, this is a good option. When it is dull, simply wipe them with cloth. 


We offer brass material for most of our designs. We use raw brass casted into mold. Brass tends to patina/oxides. It shows different character on each piece over time because of patina. To return them to its original gold color, wipe brass pieces with brass cleanser or polish. Store them in containers will help keep the gold color too.


The pieces made of steel were 3D printed with steel powder. Then they were plated into gold steel and black steel. We find steel materials are durable. They have smooth surface, yet not highly polished. They may be worn over time, but the change will not be noticeable. Regular wear gives the piece unique character.